Generaly Information

Junior High School named in the Honour of the People of Unison – basic facts

Junior High School named in the Honour of the People of Unison is the only Junior High School in the Witnica district. School is located in a modern, separate building in the centre of town. The students who attend classes here are the ones from the whole district, there are about 500 students in 20 classes here.


About the school


Our mission


1.       Wisdom and respect for every one are the school’s motto.

2.       The structure if the school is based on co-existence and co-operation of:

-          Students

-          Parents

-          Teachers

-          Local government


We follow the rules of tolerance and originality of every individual.

-          we systematically build up our skills in co-operating, proper communication and acceptance, we base our co-existence on collateral trust

-          we act because we wish to:

pass and deepen knowledge useful in life

respect others

take responsibility for the decisions we make

develop responsibility and self-governing


The school has got great potential, we possess:  

1. Most modern gymnasium, sports’ pitches and courts, rollerblading track

2. Two computer rooms

3. Spacious library with the reading room

4. The activities room

5. The canteen

6.School’s small shop

7. modern locker rooms


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